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  • All products are final sale

  • Detox Juice can be consumed every other day for a period of 7 days for a good cleanse.

  • Slimming cream is a topical solution that promotes excessive sweating, promotes circulation, firmer skin for expedited inch loss results. For best results use with our "Snatch Bands" and other body sculpting services. *Disclaimer* This product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any diseases. For external use only. Do not ingest this topical cream

  • Snatch Bands are waist trainers that are best used during high-intensity exercising or cardio. Use our slimming cream + plastic wrap+ waistband for maximum results. 

Eyelash info

  • Do not get them wet for 24hrs after application

  • Adds volume and fullness to your natural lash

  • Enhances your eyes

  • Feels weightless and natural

  • Time-saving on doing your own lashes 

  • No MASCARA necessary

  • Refills are recommended 

  • May take up to 2hrs

  • Client must keep eyes closed and refrain from using your phone while on the table

  • Come with a clean face. No makeup please!

body sculpting info

  • Results vary

  • Results are impressively long lasting with maintenance

  • The Sculptice and Freeze Lipo may cause a little discomfort

  • Wood Therapy (combined with Sculptice) may cause some discomfort 

  • No downtime 

  • It's safe and non-invasive

  • It's fast and targets problem areas

  • Breaks down stubborn fat

  • Firms and tightens thighs and buttocks 

  • Number of sessions required varies and for best results depends on the client's diet, exercise, and following instructions

  • We do not recommend you receive any of these services while pregnant

questions in reference to our products or an appt:

All products and services are non-refundable. There is a deposit that must be paid when booking any appointments online. For in-office services, the remaining balance must be PAID IN FULL before any services can be performed.

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